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Our mission is to develop children’s interests by creating a link – a personalized toy – with the world of art, culture, science, and travel.

Louis is a traveler. Knows stories from all around the world and gladly learns new ones. He has long, caramel fur, wears a bandana and a cap hat. That is in case fate brings him to some distant lands. Louis needs plenty of exercise. Enjoys sightseeing and walks (those short and close ones as well). Even when he’s feeling under the weather and it is impossible to take on another adventure, he travels around the map with his paw. He would very much like to live with a child who will follow the maps and dream about adventures of great explorers with him.
Matylda is an artist. Has beautiful pink fur, which makes her very proud. She loves drawing, painting, crafting. Her weakness is outfits, hats, bags, and jewelry. She would be delighted to play dress ups and fashion shows. She is also a bright young lady, who reads a lot, visits theatre, movies, and music concerts. Art means a lot to her. She will be a perfect companion for a child with artistic passions.
Oskar is a scientist, curious about everything. He would be most happy working in a laboratory, where he could perform secret experiments. He wants to know where does the lightning come from, wants to create an elixir which gives supernatural powers and measure how long does it take to get to Mars. He is eager to attend the kindergarten, as he learns many fascinating facts there. It would make him most happy to have a friend who would read the encyclopedia before bedtime with him.


Child’s safety

Our teddy bears are manufactured in Poland with high quality materials. They are safe for children. We hold the following certificates:

Certificate nr 061/AC 017 granted by The Textile Institute which is entitled to grant products the “Human friendly” label. The certificate confirms that our teddy bears are made with materials which fulfill the technical requirements of textiles evaluation.
Certificate of Compliance 060/AC 017 granted by The Textile Institute, confirms that means of manufacturing fulfill the requirements of safety.
Certificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100 confirms that the material used to fill our teddy bears is safe for health and environment. It is a soft, elastic fiber ball, which does not clump. The certificate is granted to products which fulfill the human-ecological requirements of the current standard of products for children.
Means of toy manufacturing and carefully selected materials guarantee that there is no risk of allergies and other endangerments. Eyes of the teddy bears are secured and manufactured with safe materials.
Teddy bears can be hand-washed in 30°C temperature.

Psychologist opinion:
Children’s toys influence their personality, determine what kind of a person they will turn out to be and what will they plan to do when they grow up. That is why choosing a toy for Your child is worth giving a thought. A good toy will develop a child’s senses, imagination and creativity, stimulate the activity and shape the child’s interests. Louis, Matylda and Oskar are without a doubt such toys and have my recommendation.
Luiza Mądrowska
A psychologist and TSR coach


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How it all started?

Here we are: Kasia and Michał. We are the parents of Tamara and Zoja (4 and 5 years old) and founders of Miśkolandia (Teddyland).

Kasia Michał

We have been looking for the perfect companions for our daughters for a long time. Companions that would be trustworthy and would help them cope with new situations with bravery and curiosity. To face a flight on a plane, first days in kindergarten without mom and dad, a doctor’s appointment. Even though our children had many toys, it was those which we created for them that met all of their expectations. That is how we got an idea to create high quality, personalized teddy bears which would connect children with the world of science, art and travel. Teddyland was created with help of our children and friends. Together we designed the teddy bears, chose materials, outfits and fur colors.
The educational materials are available on our website in “the inspirations” section and on our fanpage.

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