Louis Podróżnik


  • Name:
    Louis Traveler
  • Size:
    40 cm
  • Colour:

  • Character :

    Louis is a traveler. Knows stories from all around the world and gladly learns new ones. He has long, caramel fur, wears a bandana and a cap hat. That is in case fate brings him to some distant lands. Louis needs plenty of exercise. Enjoys sightseeing and walks even those short and close ones. Even when he’s feeling under the weather and it is impossible to take on another adventure, he travels around the map with his paw. He would very much like to live with a child who will follow the maps and dream about adventures of great explorers with him.

    The teddy comes with a satin heart, which should be placed inside. On the back of the teddy, underneath the outfit you will find a special place for the heart. The teddy bear has its own birth certificate. You may choose a name and date of birth of your teddy. Those personalized information along with the child’s name will figure in the teddy’s certificate.

    Playing with our teddy bears is not only joyful, but also safe. Everyone can hug the bear. There is no risk of allergies or other risks associated with means of manufacturing or materials used for production. The teddy bears are produced in Poland, in a factory which holds the adequate certificates confirming high quality of production. Eyes of the teddy bears are secured and manufactured with safe materials. Teddy bears can be hand-washed in 30°C temperature.